Power Up

Power Up additives cover nearly all lubrication needs from engine oil to grease from several different application packages.

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NNL 690

NNL 690 is specifically designed for use in engines calling for medium to high ash oils (1.0% or more) and is suitable for use in most other lubricated equipment using non-E.P. oils. NNL 690 provides engines with exceptional anti-wear protection and also contains a superb detergent/dispersant package, viscosity index improvers and excellent anti-corrosion additives. NNL 690 is a balanced additive package that provides complete lubrication when used with good quality mineral based and synthetic oils.

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ItemWeight Lbs.Part #Price
NNL 690 - 10L Case(2)473003-1CALL
NNL 690 - 5L Case(4)45 3004-1CALL
NNL 690 - 1L Case(12)303005-1CALL
NNL 690 - 150ML Case(24)103168-1CALL

NNL 690G

NNL 690G is specially formulated for use in all types of mobile and industrial equipment where Extreme Pressure (EP) oils are called for (API GL-3 or greater). Specific applications include gear reducers, bearing housings, differentials (except posi-trac or limited slip), cone and jaw crushers, pulverizing equipment, final drives, conveyer drive gear boxes, standard transmissions, drop boxes, rotary tables, tube and ball mills, chain drives, mud pumps, bull gear and pinion sets, etc.

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ItemWeight Lbs.Part #Price
NNL 690G - LV - 10L Case(2)463178-1CALL
NNL 690G - LV - 5L Case(4)44 3179-1CALL
NNL 690G - LV - 1L Case(12)293180-1CALL
NNL 690G - LV - 150ML Case(24)103181-1CALL


HYDRA MAXX is specially designed for use in hydraulic systems, where piston, gear or vane pumps are used to circulate oil and transmit power. HYDRA MAXX is the first hydraulic oil treatment specifically designed to maintain maximum operating efficiency of your hydraulic system. This unique hydraulic system treatment from Power Up Lubricants works with your existing oil to provide long term wear and corrosion protection for metal components and extend seal and hose life.

At low application rates, HYDRA MAXX provides a wear reducing, protective film in the pump and valves which helps to reduce operating temperatures and extend equipment life. HYDRA MAXX improves the corrosion inhibiting properties and the low temperature flow properties of most hydraulic oils, providing longer term protection in the most demanding applications. Lower overall system temperature improves efficiency and extends the life of seals and hoses.

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ItemWeight Lbs.Part #Price
HYDRA MAXX- 10L Case(2)473031-1CALL
HYDRA MAXX - 5L Case(4)45 3032-1CALL
HYDRA MAXX- 1L Case(12)303033-1CALL


Gen 49D Anti-Gel contains a powerful boundary lubricant package which reduces friction and metal wear in the top end of the cylinder, injectors and fuel pump. Poor fuel lubricity is commonly seen in new generation low sulphur fuels. Gen 49D is approved for and surpasses the new standards for diesel fuel and exhibits wear and friction reduction significantly below typical levels. Poor fuel lubricity results in increased maintenance costs, downtime and poor fuel economy. In the HFRR test, we see typical fuels measure in excess of 500 microns of wear, the 2005 standard will be 460 micron of wear. Fuel treated with Gen 49D today shows dramatic wear reduction in the range of 350 microns.

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ItemWeight Lbs.Part #Price
Gen 49D Anti-Gel - 10L Case(2)453036-1CALL
Gen 49D Anti-Gel - 5L Case(4)45 3037-1CALL
Gen 49D Anti-Gel - 1L Case(12)283038-1CALL
Gen 49D Anti-Gel - 12oz Case(24)213039-1CALL


Thixogrease, the new generation, multi purpose grease from Power Up Lubricants, provides superior protection in the boundary lubrication regime. Thixogrease is ideal for applications where high loads, extreme pressure or high temperature cause serious metal to metal contact and wear. Superior water wash resistance and rust corrosion inhibition allow Thixogrease to excel in areas where conventional greases fail.

Thixogrease is made of a unique base which offers minimal oil separation or hardening and demonstrates excellent compatibility with many traditional soap oil greases.

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ItemWeight Lbs.Part #Price
Thixogrease #2 - 17 KG Pail 413013-1CALL
Thixogrease #2 - Case (60 Tubes)58 3012-1CALL
Thixogrease #0 - 17 KG Pail413016-1CALL