Smart Lubrication for the 21st Century

If you make your living using any kind of heavy equipment you are dealing with two critical issues today:

  1. The cost of petroleum products.
  2. Disposal of used oils and hydraulic fluids.

These issues are both economically and environmentally important to your company.

Modern filtration technology and oil additive chemistry have made it possible for you to begin to address both of these issues simultaneously. With bypass filtration systems, oil additives, and leading-edge greases you can now:

  1. Increase engine oil and hydraulic fluid drain intervals by factors of 4-5 or more.
  2. Reduce wear on all critical engine and hydraulic system components, increasing the service life of the equipment.
  3. Reduce wear on heavy gear and joint components through superior grease technology.
  4. Significantly reduce the amount of fluids your company disposes of every year.
  5. Improve fuel consumption through lowering the friction on critical wear surfaces such as main bearings and piston rings.

Your 21st Century Lubrication Partner

TMSLS specializes in lubrication consulting. Our products are the Kleenoil bypass filtration systems and the Power Up suite of lubrication and fuel additives. Our services are installation and maintenance packages where we fully support and monitor the use of these products as they are integrated into your maintenance programs.


Power Up

TMS Lubricant Specialists is a Master Distributor for Kleenoil USA in Austin, Texas and the surrounding area.

Equipment images on this website are solely for the purpose of illustrating the kinds of equipment on which these products can be used. They do not represent an endorsement by their respective manufacturers for the use of these products.